Reed-Turner Woodland Botanical Artists’ Circle

April, 2022 Newsletter


From the Last Meeting March 26, 2022


Members in Attendance:


Beverly Behrens

Louise Daley

Dolores Diaz

Doris Gilbert

Lisa Kannelos

Christina Lovering

Romero Prudencio

Charlene Riffer

Carol Jean Rogalski

Barbara Rose

Carole Schumacher

Christine Seidman

Jane Sturgeon

Sue Widell


Co-president Beverly welcomed members and called the Zoom meeting to order at 9:30 am.


The Minutes of the February 26, 2022 meeting were approved as circulated.


Treasurer’s Report - Charlene Riffer


Beverly presented the Treasurer’s report:


We have 34 paid members to date.  Last year we had 39.  We currently have $2,433.48 in the bank.  There will be a deposit of $25.00 today.  We owe Long Grove Park District $380.00 based on 34 members and 4 from last year.  The total amount left in the account after the Long Grove payment will be $2,078.48.


II. Committee Reports


  • Education- Co-Chairs

Lyndsay Murphree

Christina Lovering


It was reported that the March program has been rescheduled for June 25, 2022.  The presentation will be by A+ Graphics & Printing of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and has been arranged by Jean.


April 10, 2022 Wendy Hollender Zoom presentation from 4:00 until 5:30 pm


Barbara Rose followed up on her outreach regarding a possible tree tour at the Morton Arboretum reporting that the arboretum does not arrange tours for small nonprofits.  She stated that there is an upcoming Magnolia Tree Tour on May 7, 2022, 1:30 – 3:30 at the arboretum.  Barbara further stated that she would send Beverly or Jean a link to a good blog from Morton about virtual tours of trees.  As promised Barbara forwarded the following information regarding offerings at the Morton Arboretum:

  • A free on demand online course , which Barbara states would be a nice orientation before a visit to one of the collections (oaks, maples, elms, magnolias, crabapples, and lindens).

  • Individual members could check out a tour offered for a fee by the Education Department this spring of the magnolia collection.


The Nature Artists’ Guild of the Morton Arboretum will be presenting its Spring Art Exhibit, April 8 – 10, 2022.  If you plan on attending the opening on Friday, April 8 from 4:30 until 7:00 pm, there is no fee due to the reciprocal arrangement with the Chicago Botanic Garden.


Louise Daley will present the program for the April 30th In-Person meeting.  Louise will give a presentation on a variety of papers including samples from Twin Rockers Handmade Papers.

  • – Co-Chairs

Doris Gilbert

Kumie Kim

The committee reported The Long Grove Garden Club is having their plant sale on May 14 & 15, 2022 in the Main Room of the Reed-Turner House.  We will be part of the weekend by having a Botanic Art Show & Sale on the porch.  Framed work or pieces mounted on a foam core board will be exhibited.  There will be space to display botanical prints, notecards, etc. that are for sale.  Participants and members who wish to may sign up to man the checkout table and answer inquiries from people attending the event.


Reed-Turner is scheduled to install a show at The Heller Nature Center in Highland Park.  The show will be up for two months.  We will drop off our work on Friday – July 1, 2022 and pick up the artwork on Wednesday – August 31, 2022.


The show is titled Naturally Beautiful – Midwest’s Native Plants.  Any work for our florilegium fits this theme.  Any plants, trees and grasses native to our Midwest are appropriate for this show.  There are many references to verify that the plant you choose is native to the Midwest.  References can be found at the end of this newsletter in the Plant Identification Resources.  Members may enter up to three images by May 18, 2022.  Acceptance letters will be sent by the Exhibition Committee on May 23, 2022 allowing 5½ weeks for framing.


  • Florilegium – Chair: Lyndsay Murphree

No report.

     * Website.

No report.

  • Publicity & Advertising - Chair

Barbara Rose

No report.


III. Business

No new business.

IV. Program

No program for March meeting.


V. Show & Tell


Doris Gilbert – shared her colored pencil work of a Yellow Slipper Orchid, which was completed in Claudia Lane’s three-day workshop on Orchids and Bromeliads.


Carole Schumacher – showed her colored pencil and watercolor Bromeliad also completed in Claudia Lane’s three-day workshop.


Jane Sturgeon – shared her watercolor of Snapdragons noting that they wilt too quickly so she will need to put the finishing touches on her work as soon as the snapdragons bloom this season.


Louise Daley – had several works which she shared: Crab Apple blossoms and Crab Apples, each piece done in watercolor; A Shining Bird of Paradise in watercolor and Hawaiian Red Ginger completed in colored pencil, which Louise noted is not a native of Hawaii, but an invasive.


Beverly Behrens – displayed three colored pencil pieces of Arizona plants in their habitats: two specimens with desert and mountains in the composition and one plant displayed against a garden wall.


Christina Lovering – shared her pen and ink of the Illinois Bundleflower, which is a native of our prairies.  She plans to add foliage as soon as it appears in her garden. **Christina forwarded a company that is a source for native and heritage plants (which may or may not be native) after the meeting to share with membership:


Lisa Kannelos – showed her watercolor work of Purple Coneflower with Butterfly.


Carol Jean Rogalski – shared three pastels, one of which was completed on medium grit sandpaper from her local hardware store.


During Show & Tell, Carol Jean raised a question about drawing for the Native Plant Exhibition: Clearly supermarket corn is not a native but a hybrid.  What does the Exhibition Committee say?  A discussion followed with the resolution that members should rely on the reference books cited earlier by the committee concerning the verification that your subject is native.  The April meeting, which is in-person, will have the reference books on hand.  Any member who also has a book(s) on native plants is asked to share them at the April 30th meeting.


During the discussion, Jane Sturgeon offered two additional sources: 


Seed Savers Exchange Nursery

3094 North Winn Road, Decorah, IA 52101

Phone: 563-382-5990


How Indians Use Wild Plants for Food, Medicine and Crafts by Frances Densmore ISBN #: 0-486-23019-8  


Thank You to our members who shared their artwork and knowledge with us!


The meeting ended at 10:45 pm.


Respectfully submitted by Jean Meilinger with meeting notes from Doris Gilbert












Important Dates


April 8 – 10, 2022 Nature Artists’ Guild at the Morton Arboretum


April 10, 2022 – Wendy Hollender Workshop, Spring Bulbs in Colored Pencil presented at 4:00 pm (central) on Zoom Watch for Zoom link by email


April 30, 2022 – Reed-Turner Monthly Meeting In-Person


May7 – 8, 2022 – Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods Mother Earth Indoor – Outdoor Market

April 30 – May 6, 2022 Online Pre-Sale



May 14-15, 2022 – Long Grove Native Plant Sale and Reed-Turner Botanical Art Show and Sale at the Reed-Turner Woodland Nature Preserves


May 18, 2022 – Member entries (up to three) for the Heller Nature Center Exhibition are due to Doris Gilbert.


Call for Entries…


Call for Art – Brushwood Center’s Inaugural Mother Earth Market, April 30- May 8, 2022

Entry Deadline – April 3, 2022


Members are reminded to check the ASBA website for Call for Entries.



Members Activities


7th Annual Botanical Art Exhibition

Enriching Life


featuring work by Heeyoung Kim, Sandy Kessel, Jean Meilinger, Ramiro Prudencio, Jane Sturgeon and Kathy Walsh

January 9 – April 24, 2022

Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods

21850 N. Riverwoods Rd.

Riverwoods, Il




Heeyoung Kim holds art workshops every Monday at Brushwood Center, Ryerson Woods along with classes on Tuesday & Saturday mornings at the Center.  Please consult her website for class schedules and registration availability.  At this time, Heeyoung is conducting workshops & classes by Zoom.  Please check her website for schedules, fees and availability.

Heeyoung Kim

Botanical artist & instructor

Phone: 847.903.7348

Represented by Joel Oppenheimer Gallery:







ASBA - American Society of Botanical Artists


Chicago Botanic Garden



Reed-Turner email


Facebook – search for Reed-Turner

Reed Turner Botanical Artists 







Curtis Frame Back Alley Gallery

543 N. Milwaukee Avenue

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…ask for Susan or Sharon


A+ Graphics & Printing

98 East Main Street

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Osio-Brown Studios

Adam Brown, Gallery Manager

549 Spring Rd.

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Prairie Plants of Illinois, a field guide to the wildflowers and grasses of Illinois and the Midwest.


Native Plants of the Midwest, a comprehensive guide to the best 500 species for the garden written by the director of horticulture at the Kansas City Botanical Garden.


Reed-Turner Florilegium Illinois Native Plant Society  Native Plant lists to download and print