Jean Meilinger
Ku-mie Kim. Bittersweet nightshade (Solanum dulcamara)
Barb Klaas Swamp milkweed Ascelpias incarnata
Celine Lillie.  Butterfly Weed
Doris Gilbert. Anthurium
Beverly Behrens. Cardamine concatenate.
Barbara Klaas. Hydrangea macrophylla
Charlene Riffer. Hay Man
Sandra Kessel. Fragrant Waterlily
Ku-mie Kim. Ohio Buckeye
Jean Meilinger. Multiflora Rose
Doris Gilbert. Silver Lace Fern
Christina Lovering. Sketchbook
Celine Lillie. Prairie Trillium
Carol Jean Rogalski. Virginia Bluebell
Carol Jean Rogalski. Virginia bluebell.jpg

Mission Statement

The Reed-Turner Woodland Botanical Artists’ Circle is a group affiliated with the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA).  The Circle also maintains an ongoing relationship with the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Consistent with ASBA goals, members of the Reed-Turner Woodland Botanical Artists’ Circle work to further the interests of botanical art, conservation, science, botany, education, and horticulture at the local level.   By promoting and exhibiting their art  locally and regionally, the group strives to highlight the beauty and importance of plants.


On view at the Glenview Public Library

July 15 - September 14